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Tiki installer v1.9.2help

Access denied for user 'Sql87878'@'' (using password: YES)



Tiki cannot find a database connection
Please enter your database connection info

Database type: The type of database you intend to use
Host: Hostname or IP for your MySQL database, example: localhost if running in the same machine as tiki
If you use SQLite, insert the path and filename to your database file
User: Database user
Password: Database password
Database name: The name of the database where tiki will create tables. You can create the database using mysqladmin, or PHPMyAdmin or ask your hosting service to create a MySQL database. Normally Tiki tables won't conflict with other product names.
If you use Oracle, you can put your TNS Name here and leave hostname empty or you override tnsnames.ora and put your SID here and fill your hostname:port above.